Queensland Bridge Association - Representative Players

Queensland Representative Players

ANC Senior's Teams

2018HobartNeville Francis (c), Tony Hutton, Ian Afflick, Paul Collins, Larry Moses, Richard Touton
2017CanberraMalcolm Carter, Tony Hutton, Ian Afflick, Paul Collins, Carolyn Miller, Paul Wyer, Neville Francis (npc)
2016BrisbaneIan Afflick, Paull Collins, Barry Kempthorne, Agnes Kempthorne, Charlie Howard, Kerry Wood, Terry O'Dempsey (npc)
2015PerthTherese Tully, Richard Wallis, Mike Pemberton, John Gough, Charlie Howard, Kerry Wood, Tere O'Dempsey (npc)
2014SydneyPaul Collins, Ian Afflick, Larry Moses, Robert Milward, Agnes Kempthorne, Barry Kempthorne, Alan Gibson (npc)
2013AdelaideIan Afflick, Paul Collins, Tony Jackman, Tony Hutton, Richard Wallis, Therese Tully, David McLeish (npc)
2012DarwinKeith McDonald, Andy Slater, Ian Afflick, Paul Collins, Lech Kaszubski, David Harrison, Jim Evans (npc)
2011MelbourneAndy Braithwaite (capt), Helen Milward, Robert Milward, Mike Robson, Betty Lee, Lech Kaszubiski, David Harrison
2010HobartIan Afflick, Paul Collins, Helen Milward, Robert Millward, Richard Touton, Larry Moses, Alan Gibson NPC
2009CanberraMike Pemberton, John Gough, Tony Jackman, Richard Wallis, Eva Berger, Tony Berger, Alan Gibson (npc)
2008Gold CoastRoman Morawieke, Carolyn Miller, Bill Hunt, Rosa Lachman, Charlie Howard, Kerry Wood, Ian Afflick (npc)
2007FremantleM Robson, Dr B Lee, Mrs M Cooke, Mrs J Perl, Dr P Wells, J Gough, Mrs J Broad (npc)
2006AdelaideT Strong, D Osmund, R Morawiecki, T Berger, H Milward, R Milward, I Afflick (npc)
2005SydneyA Jackman, R Wallis, J Han, K Wood, R Morey, C Howard, I Afflick (npc)
2004MelbourneC Hyne, K Bishop, E Berger, D Osmund, I Afflick, A Slater, B Kempthorne (npc)
2003DarwinL Moses, R Touton, A Jackman (c), D Anderson, B Hunt, R Lachman
2002HobartA Jackman (c), D Anderson, A Kempthorne, G Tucker, M Drake, J Han
2001CanberraA Jackman, G Cuppaidge, T Berger, G Rusher, M Kent, J Kent, L Turschwell (npc)
2000BrisbaneM Kent, J Kent, A Jackman, D Dodd, M Drake, J Han, A Pryde (npc)
1999PerthC Hyne, K Bishop, J Mills, A Remedios, A Jackman, G Malinas, K McDonald (npc)
1998AdelaideK Bishop, G Cuppaidge, C Hyne, A Jackman (c), J Millar, Mrs M Millar
1997SydneyDr D Cullen, Mrs M Eaton, W Hunt (c), J Millar, Mrs M Millar, M Pemberton
1996MelbourneC Darrington, B Hunt (c), T Pastor, W Pemberton, T Strong, J Tobiano
1995DarwinR Atherton, M Hobbs, B Hunt (c), K Prime, M Ryland, P Waldrum




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