Queensland Bridge Association - Representative Players

Queensland Representative Players

ANC Open Teams

2019MelbourneTony Treloar, Peter Evans, Ralph Parker, Paul Hooykaas, Charlie Lu, Martin Qin, Martin Doran (npc)
2018HobartPaul Hooykaas, Martin Doran, Jim Evans, Pam Evans, Tony Treloar, Peter Evans, Richard Wallis (npc)
2017CanberraTherese Tully, Pele Rankin, Terry Strong, Jill Magee, Ralph Parker, Paul Hooykaas, Richard Ward (npc)
2016BrisbaneMalcolm Carter, Tony Hutton, Neville Francis, Kevin Steffensen, Ralph Parker, Paul Hooykaas, Richard Ward (npc)
2015PerthMalcolm Carter, Tony Hutton, Eileen Li, Greg Lee, Janeen Solomon, Pele Rankin, Neville Francis (npc)
2014SydneyNeville Francis, Kevin Steffensen, Richard Wallis, Therese Tully, Charlie Howard, Kerry Wood, Jim Evans (npc)
2013AdelaideNathan van Jole, Sanmugaras Kamalarasa, Peter Evans, Rosie Green, Peter Hainsworth, Mike Pemberton, Neville Francis (npc)
2012DarwinNeville Francis, Kevin Steffensen, Betty Lee, Mike Robson, Peter Hainsworth, Sanmugaras Kamalarasa, Jim Evans (npc)
2011MelbourneDavid McLeish, Paula McLeish, Therese Tully, Pele Rankin, Peter Hainsworth, Sanmugaras Kamalarasa, Andy Braithwaite (npc)
2010HobartAndy Braithwaite (c), Peter Hainsworth, Sanugaras Kamalarasa, David Appleton, Paul Hooykaas, Janeen Solomon, Pranjal Chakradeo
2009CanberraPaula McLeish, David McLeash, Greg Lee, Alan Currie, Joan Butts, John Summerhayes, Alan Gibson npc
2008Gold CoastPeter Hainsworth, Sanmugaras Kamalarasa, David Appleton, Paul Hooykaas, Andy Braithwaite, Bill Haughie, Neville Francis (npc)
2007FremantlePeter Hainsworth, Ralph Parker, Bill Hunt, Angelo Gianazza, Mike Pemberton, Sanmugaras Kamalarasa, Alan Gibson (npc)
2006AdelaideSiegfried Konig, Jim Wallis, Neville Francis, Magnus Moren, Peter Evans, Janeen Solomon Sanmugaras Kamalarasa (npc)
2005SydneyDavid Appleton, Peter Hainsworth, Neville Francis, Magnus Moren, Darko Janzekovic, Sanmugaras Kamalarasa, Tom Strong (npc)
2004MelbourneNeville Francis, Janeen Solomon, Bill Hunt, Magnus Moren, Sanmugaras Kamalarasa, Darko Janzekovic, Keith McDonald (npc)
2003DarwinRichard Wallis, Therese Tully, Neville Francis, Janeen Solomon, Betty Lee, Mike Robson, Magnus Moren (npc)
2002HobartSiegfried Konig, Jim Wallis, Gary Malinas, David Appleton, Michael Kent, Joan Kent, Magnus Moren (npc)
2001CanberraMike Pemberton, Kurt Ko, Siegfried Konig, Jim Wallis, Terry Strong, Magnus Moren, Neville Francis (npc)
2000BrisbaneNeville Francis, Bill Hunt, Betty Lee, Mike Robson, Ralph Parker, Peter Hainsworth, Barry Kempthorne (npc)
1999PerthNeville Francis, Adrian Mayers, Mike Robson, Betty Lee, Ralph Parker, Peter Hainsworth, Michael Kent (npc)
1998AdelaideSiegfried Konig, Betty Lee, Jim Wallis, Mike Robson, Adrian Mayers, Neville Francis, Keith McDonald (npc
1997SydneyNeville Francis, Claire Green, Siegfried Konig, Adrian Mayers, John Mills, Jim Wallis, Keith McDonald (npc)
1996MelbourneKhokan Bagchi, Tony Jackman, Betty Lee, John Mills, Andrew Pryde, Mike Robson, Ralph Parker (npc)
1995DarwinKhokan Bagchi, Joan Butts, Tony Jackman, Michael Kent, Robert Slobom, Therese Tully, Mike Robson (npc)
1994HobartDavid Appleton, Murray Green, Michael Kent, Betty Lee, Mike Robson, Robert Slobom, Keith McDonald (npc)
1993CanberraKhokan Bagchi, Denise Dodd, Michael Kent, Magnus Moren, Mark Sarris, Robert Slobom, Tony Jackman (npc)
1992BrisbaneDenise Dodd, Khokan Bagchi, Bill Hunt, Stephen Hurley, Mark Sarris, Magnus Moren, Keith McDonald (npc)
1991PerthKhokan Bagchi, Kevin Hume, Paul Lavings, Betty Lee, Mike Robson, Jim Wallis, Colin Stone (npc)
1990AdelaideKhokan Bagchi, Frank Duffy, Bill Hunt, Paul Lavings, Arnold Remedios, Jim Wallis Reg Busch (npc)
1989SydneyBill Hunt, Paul Lavings, Betty Lee, Mike Pemberton, Mike Robson, Richard Wallis, Tony Jackman (npc)
1988MelbourneBrian Blyth, Kevin Hume, Bill Hunt, Paul Lavings, Jim Wallis, Richard Ward, Reg Busch (npc)
1987HobartBrian Blyth, Kevin Hume, Paul Lavings, Betty Lee, Mike Robson, Richard Ward, Mike Pemberton (npc)
1986CanberraBill Hunt, Mike Robson, Betty Lee, Rosemary Atherton, Greer Tucker, Mike Pemberton (c)
1985Brisbane Bill Hunt, Jeff Lathbury, Betty Lee, Mike Pemberton, Mike Robson, K Hume (c)
1984PerthBrian Blyth, Peter Hainsworth, Betty Lee, John Mills, Mike Robson, Richard Ward, Tony Jackman (npc)
1983AdelaideBrian Blyth, Tony Jackman, Betty Lee, Mike Pemberton, Mike Robson, Richard Ward, Bill Hunt (npc)
1982SydneySimon Andrew, George Cuppaidge, Betty Lee, Walter Lindeman, Mike Pemberton, Mike Robson, Tom Landy (npc)
1981MelbourneSimon Andrew, George Cuppaidge, Tony Jackman, David Lee, Denis Priest, Richard Wallis, Reg Busch (npc)
1980HobartJohn Craig, George Cuppaidge, Tony Jackman, Gary Malinas, Mike Robson, Richard Wallis Mike Pemberton (npc)
1979CanberraGeorge Cuppaidge, Frank Engwirda, Ron Lorraway, Warren Neill, Peter Randall, Richard Wallis, Mike Robson (npc)
1978BrisbaneReg Busch, Tony Jackman, Ron Lorraway, Peter Randall, Mike Robson, Richard Ward, Mike Pemberton (npc
1977PerthGeorge Cuppaidge, Tom Landy, Ian Morris, Warren Neill, Richard Wallis, Mike Robson (c)
1976AdelaideStuart Craig, Tom Landy, Bruce Neill, Warren Neill, Mike Robson, Bill Vasey Reg Busch (npc)
1975SydneyReg Busch, Malcolm Carter, George Cuppaidge, Tony Jackman, Mike Pemberton, Mike Robson, Bruce Neill (npc)
1974MelbourneStuart Craig, George Cuppaidge, Peter Fordham, Bruce Neill, Sue Neill, Andrew Reiner, Tony Jackman (npc)
1973HobartReg Busch, Nat Corrigan, George Cuppaidge, Tony Jackman, Mike Pemberton, Mike Robson, Tom Landy (npc)
1972CanberraNat Corrigan, George Cuppaidge, Warren Neill, Denis Priest, Mike Robson, Tony Jackman (c)
1971BrisbaneHarold Hiley, Tony Jackman, Tom Landy, Gary Malinas, Mike Pemberton, Mike Robson, Arthur Hoffmann (npc)
1970PerthGeorge Cuppaidge, Morag Exton, Tony Jackman, Tom Landy, A Parfitt, Mike Robson, James O'Sullivan (npc)
1969AdelaideIvy Dahler, Rubena Hicks, Bruce Neill, Warren Neill, Kivas Tully, Don Neill (c)
1968SydneyBing Brown, R Dobson, I Knowles, Tom Landy, Mike Robson, Tony Jackman (c),
1967MelbourneJohn Craig, Arthur Hoffmann, Mrs T Tierney, T Tierney, Kivas Tully, Don Neill (c)
1966CanberraArthur Hoffmann, Tom Landy, Bruce Meares, A Parfitt, Kivas Tully, Don Neill (c)
1965BrisbaneHarold Hiley, Tony Jackman, , Bruce Meares, Denis Priest, Bob Williams, George McCutcheon (c)
1964Perth Gray Reynolds, Mrs GR Stephens, George Stephens, Kivas Tully, Arthur Hoffmann (c)
1963AdelaideTony Jackman, Tom Landy, Don Neill, George Stephens, Kivas Tully, Arthur Hoffmann (c)
1962SydneyJohn Craig, Harold Hiley, Tony Jackman, Don Neill, Denis Priest, George McCutcheon (c)
1961MelbourneArthur Hoffmann, George McCutcheon, Bruce Meares, Don Neill, Kivas Tully, Harold Hiley (c)
1960HobartRubena Hicks, Arthur Hoffmann, M Leichney, George McCutcheon, Don Neill, Harold Hiley (c)
1959BrisbaneAR Dennis, Rubena Hicks, George McCutcheon, Don Neill, Kivas Tully, Harold Hiley (c)
1958Adelaide -
1957SydneyAR Dennis,, Don Neill, George Stephens, Mick Sullivan, Kivas Tully, Harold Hiley (c)
1956MelbourneDon Neill, Mick Sullivan, Kivas Tully, E Ulrich (reserve), Harold Hiley (c)
1955HobartRubena Hicks, Mrs RP Maxwell, George Stephens, Mick Sullivan, Don Neill (c)
1954BrisbaneK Clarson, Frank Garnsey, , Don Neill, Mick Sullivan, Kivas Tully, Harold Hiley (c)
1953Adelaide -
1952SydneyAR Boyce, Harold Hiley, Kivas Tully, Mick Sullivan (c)
1951Melbourne -
1950Hobart -
1949BrisbaneAR Boyce, HW Hiley, Hirschfield Dr OS (c), MJ Sullivan, HK Tully
1948AdelaideFM Garnsey, Dr OS Hirschfield, GR Stephens, MJ Sullivan (c)
1947SydneyMrs LW Gall, FM Garnsey, HW Hiley, MJ Sullivan
1946MelbourneFM Garnsey, HW Hiley, Dr OS Hirschfield (c), MJ Sullivan
1939-45No Competition
1938Hobart -
1937BrisbaneDr OS Hirschfield (c), JA Layard, C Turner-Paul, FJ Ulrich, HW Hiley (reserve)
1936AdelaideWFR Boyce, Dr OS Hirschfield (c), C Turner-Paul, FJ Ulrich
1935SydneyMrs C Brennan, Dr OS Hirschfield (c), TS Moore, Mrs AR Russell




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