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2019Ming Shu Yang, Gill Phillippo, Eugene Pereira, Rex Meadowcroft
2018George Gibson, Lynne Layton, Margie Knox, Carmel Wikman
2017George Gibson, Lynne Layton, Margie Knox, Carmel Wikman
2016Eric Leivesley, Janelle Conroy, Max Holewa, Diane Holewa
2015Ken Seaniger, Christine Nice, Susan Wright, Patricia Garner
2014Janelle Conroy, Robert Carless, Ken Seaniger, Geoffrey Patterson
2013Jillian Tuckey, Christine Baynes, Rozanne Thomas, Angella Hall
2012Rebecca Delaney, Lesley Fraser, Phillip Ellis, Jodie Swaine
2011David O'Gorman, Julie Jeffries, Evelyne Manda, Brenda Lazarus
2010Patrick Bugler, John Kelly, Geoffrey Martin, Nikolas Moore
2009Jenny Crawt, Margaret Aiston, Joy Trigg, Len Wilson
2008John Sear, Dale Wells, Sue Robinson, Lou Tillotson




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