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Barrier Reef Congress Pairs

Eric Parsons Pairs

2019Justin Mill - Ken Anderson
2018Marina Darling - Peter Hollands
2017Fred Whitaker - Ashley Bach
2016Laura Ginnan - Simon Hinge
2015Nathan Van Jole - Paul Wyer
2014Nathan van Jole - Paul Wyer
2013Paul Wyer -Nathan van Jole
2012Ryan Touton - Richard Touton
2010Magnus Moren, Neville Francis
2009Peter Gill - Barbara Travis
2007Kim Ellaway - Ray Ellaway
2006Lindy Vincent - Richard Ward
2005No Pairs Competition
2004Phil Gue - Margaret Walters
2003Mike Robson - Betty Lee
2002No Pairs Competition
2001K Egan - Kaye Robertshaw
2000Sharon Birrer - John Morris
1999Fred Whitaker - Jennifer Whitaker
1998Ishmael Del Monte - Jim Wallis
1997Stephen Lester - Ishmael Del Monte
1996Tony Jackman - Denise Dodd




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