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Feb 16Arana TeamsSummaryDetailed
Feb 8-9QBA Open Selection TrialsSummary
Feb 2Toowong Imp PairsSummary
Feb 2Toowoomba Novice Matchpoint PairsSummaryDetailed
Feb 1QBA Senior Teams (Sunshine Coast)SummaryDetailed
Jan 26-27Kenmore Graded Matchpoint Pairs and Graded TeamsSummaryDetailed
Jan 24-27ABF Aust Mixed Team Playoff
Jan 24-27Townsville Australia Day Swiss Butler Pairs and TeamsSummary
Jan 19Northern Suburbs TeamsSummary
Jan 12QCBC Open and Novice Imp PairsSummaryDetailed
Jan 8-19ABF Summer Festival of BridgeDetailed
Jan 5Gold Coast TeamsDetailed
Jan 2QBA Management Meeting
Dec 15QBA IndividualSummaryDetailed
Dec 8QBA Teams of 3 - Northern SuburbsSummaryDetailed
Dec 7-12ABF Womens / Senior Play Offs
Dec 7-8Airlie Beach Pairs Challenge CongressSummaryDetailed
Dec 1Redland TeamsSummaryDetailed
Nov 29-Dec 2ABF GNOT FinalDetailed
Nov 24Toowong Graded TeamsSummary
Nov 23-30Queensland Wide PairsDetailed
Nov 21QBA Management Meeting
Nov 17Gold Coast TeamsSummary




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