Sponsors document (PDF)

Oasis Shoppong Centre       

Our stunning beachside location puts us in the very heart of Broadbeach; alive with fabulous fashion, glorious food and that secret something that lifts your spirits. Visit us at www.oasisshoppingcentre.com.

Paul Lavings Bridge Books & Supplies       

Paul Lavings Bridge Books & Supplies - welcome to bridge book heaven. Visit them at www.bridgegear.com


Penline has products from prestigious brands, Parker, Waterman and Shelta Umbrellas, through to a comprehensive range of generic corporate gifts. Visit them at www.globalcatalogue.com.


Pianola has features for both clubs and players. For players, it offers a personal history of results with analysis of bidding and card play. For clubs it provides tools for membership management, club marketing, website builder and a partner finder. Visit them at www.pianola.net.

Tony Bemrose Insurance Brokers logo       

Tony Bemrose Insurance Brokers provide the highest quality, professional insurance advice available to businesses and individuals. See our web site at www.tbib.com.au.

Two Men       

Two Men and a Truck is a removal business with locations in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney & Canberra. They have all size vehicles for all size moves and specialize in relocating units / houses / apartments, offices, warehouse / factories. Visit them at www.twomen.com.au.


Could you imagine a "tv show" about bridge? It's happening every lunchtime. You might like to check out twitch.tv/v8mama to watch her play bridge with viewers who drop in to play. Many viewers from around the world drop in to just say hi, ask questions or give advice in a very relaxed sociable friendly afternoon of bridge. v8mama is an experienced Sydney based player, who loves to encourage people of all levels to share their passion for the game and help each other with bidding and play advice.

Twitch is an interactive platform to watch, join in the play or chat with others. You can do this from your own computer, tablet or phone just by going to twitch.tv/v8mama. If I'm off stream there are videos which you can watch. If watching isn't enough, I encourage you to come and say hi, by simply registering with twitch (give yourself a fun name - maybe your favourite cake or playing card!) for FREE and be part of this new way of enjoying bridge from your own home. I'm streaming everyday at 12:30pm for 3 hours except when I'm competing at national bridge events. I hope you are able to be part of the fun!