Honour Board

  Queensland Bridge Association
  Gold Coast Congress  
  Honour Board  
  Roger Penny  
  Clare Jackman  
  Tony Jackman  
  Richard Grenside  
  Enid Busch  
  Meta Goodman  
  John Carbis  
  Joy Carbis  
  Tim Seres  
  Mary McMahon  
  Reg Busch  
  Joan McPheat  
  Judy Nothdurft  
  Chris Diment  
  Marj Jabore  
  Pam Cridland  
  Sarah Jane Reid  
  Therese Tully  
  Gay Tully  
  Gerald Schaaf  
  Marion Cooke  
  The Years Before ...  
  George McCutcheon - his vision got it going  
  James O'Sullivan - who ensured its success  
  And Others who Contributed ...  
  Arthur Hoffman  
  Dennis Priest  
  Jack McLeney  
  Peter Van Der Loos  
  George Cuppaidge  
  Patricia Cuppaidge  
  Ivy Dahler  
  Jan Kirk  
  Lindy Ward  
  Richard Ward