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A. Right to Determine Rectification

Naturally the Director remains the only one permitted to determine whether rectifications are to be applied or not.

Asking for rectifications to be waived should be for cause - not because players want to be "nice" or "kind". Perhaps an opponent felt he contributed to the infringement by distracting the player with a comment.

C. Choice after Irregularity

A players must be able to make an informed choice from the available options.

Sometimes complete rulings are a bit of a mouthful. It is important for directors to practice their presentation. If he finds that he often needs to repeat his rulings it may be that they are coming across garbled. Adapt. Practise in the bathtub. Picture serenely made correct and clear rulings.

It is risky to assume players know all their rights. There are celebrated cases of players claiming Director Error (Law 82 C) because the director didn't dot every "i" and cross every "t".

Sometimes a player will indicate that he doesn't want you to continue your ruling. Note this - say something like, "You don't wish to hear the rest of your options? OK."



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