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A. Drawing Attention to an Irregularity

Note that there is a new procedure for quitted tricks pointed the wrong way.

Under the 1997 laws it was one of the niceties of the game that anyone could try to stop an irregularity (bearing in mind the restrictions on dummy). This nicety is now incorporated 9A3.

There is some conjecture as to how the reference "(but for dummy subject to Laws 42 and Law 43)," modifies the application of this law with respect to dummy.

B. After Attention Is Drawn to an Irregularity

The word "must" has been replaced by "should" in 1(a) to remove any suggestion that failure to call the director when attention has been drawn to an irregularity will most likely incur a penalty.

Failure to observe a "should do" is still an infraction, jeopardizing the infractor's rights, but will not often be penalized.



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