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A. Placement of Board

Keep an eye on this. Players are entitled to see the vulnerability.

Removing the board can also lead to hands going back in the wrong pockets once the board is returned to the centre of the table.

B. Removal of Cards from Board

The counting of cards before looking at them should be automatic to all players and be instilled in beginners from Lesson 1.

"But I did count them," is not a defence. Correct procedure is to make sure the hand holds exactly 13 cards.

Players can become quite agitated when their personal space is invaded by others reaching over and touching their cards.

When called to a revoke, try to stop this happening. Hackles rise and the order of cards can be disturbed which all makes it much harder to sort things out.

C. Returning Cards to Board

Players should now shuffle their cards before returning them to the board. This is to remove any information as to what order the cards were played to the contract.

Common sense suggests that sorting cards into suits for the next player who has difficulty doing so would still be OK, regardless of whether instructed to do so by the director or done out of consideration for one's fellow man.

Routinely sorting cards into suits is not the same as shuffling and ought not to be done.

There is no actual requirement to count them though this is clearly sensible to make sure none have dropped on the floor. There's no point to counting 13 cards if some of them belong to another player.

D. Responsibility for Procedures

QBA Regulations under the 1997 Laws made North in charge of the table (unless EW were stationary) and responsible for maintaining proper conditions of play at the table.

This does not mean that North must do all the work. Discourage the notion that East West are not permitted to pick up boards, turn over bidding slips etc. Helping with the chores is sensible. North is simply responsible for seeing that everything is done properly.



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