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Note to Introduction

Emphasis has been placed on removing the word "penalty" whenever the director is merely to undo damage caused by an irregularity. This will go a long way towards dispelling the myth that the director is called to a table to punish offenders. Directors will continue to penalize irregularities that warrant punishment.


Further to "Artificial Call" It is to be recommended to the WBF Laws Committee and the WBF Rules & Regulations Committee that it be agreed that an opening bid in a suit where the hand may contain fewer than three cards in the named suit is among those calls that are 'artificial'. The rationale is that such calls do not express a willingness to play in the denomination named.It will be recommended to the WBF Systems Committee that the definition in the Systems Policy that states "Natural: a call or play that is not a convention" be changed to "Natural: a call or play that does not have an artificial meaning."



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