Queensland Bridge Association - ArrowswithedBoards

Manual Scoring - Arrowswitched Board


When a board is played arrowswitched, both pairs temporarily become part of the other field.

Score the board as usual and then switch the scores for the NS and EW involved.

Brd 4 Dlr West All Vul
Tbl Contract &
Tricks Won
NS Score EW Score NS EW NS MPs EW MPs
13CE 10 13019610
23NTE 11 66022016
32NTE 8 1203488
43NTW 7200 46160
53NTE 9 60058214
66CE 11100A/S61(11) 5(5) 11
75CE 10100 73115
83SN 9140 85142
93CE 11 15097412




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