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Director Proficiency

Aspiring Directors are now able to complete this assessment to assist them in handling regular Club sessions. It is envisaged that the QBA Director Proficiency Test will be done by new directors perhaps not having the practical experience to sit the QBA Club Director Accreditation Exam.

It is an "Open Book" assessment. By all means use reference material but answers should be your own work. Ideally the test will be completed in one session.

Should you need to stop unexpectedly, submit what you have done and re-open the survey at another time to answer the remaining questions. Please don't forget to put you name on the second submission.

New directors are also reminded of the Question and Answer page on the QBA Website:

QBA Question & Answer Page


Take the Director Proficiency Test


Queries should be addressed to Jan Peach, QBA Director Accreditation, Contact Jan Peach



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