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Organising Congresses

These pages are for Clubs running QBA-accredited congresses.

Congress convenors are urged to read the Checklist for Congress Convenors below. This contains vital and useful information about the various things you need to know when running such an event.

Note particularly the new requirement regarding approval and uploading entry forms to the QBA web site. Entry forms no longer need to be sent to the State Masterpoint Secretary, but instead get sent to the webmasters (web1@qldbridge.com.au and web2@qldbridge.com.au), who approve them before uploading. Please wait for approval from them before having them printed and distributed.";

new Convenors please note that when sending your congress entry forms to the QBA webmasters for uploading, please be mindful of the size of the file your are sending. Files that are large become difficult to upload, and are also difficult or impossible for players with slow internet connections to access, thus eliminating the benefit of us publishing the forms. "sponsors' advertisements can contribute to excessive size, especially if graphic-intensive, and it may be that you will need to produce an alternative file for uploading that doesn't contain the sponsor's advertisement, or perhaps contains an alternative advertisement layout. As a guide, clubs should try to keep their entry forms below 200Kb. If in doubt, send the entry form as a Word document (DOC file) and the webmasters can remove any unnecessary items that contribute to excessive file sizes before converting to PDF and uploading.

new Click here to complete your Congress Convenor J1 on-line


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Sample Entry Form April 5, 2017
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