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QBA Championship Events

2017Queensland Novice PairsDebbie Gibbards - Gary Gibbards
2018Queensland Mixed Teams ChampionshipEileen Li, Pele Rankin, Charlie Lu, Chuan Qin
2018Queensland Senior TeamsNeville Francis, Malcolm Carter, Lyn Carter, Tony Hutton
2017James O'Sullivan AwardNeville Francis
2017Queensland Individual1st= Alison Dawson
1st= Gregory Gosney
2017QBA Teams of ThreeRichard Wallis, Mick Fawcett, Lyn Tracey, Kathy Males
2017QBA Teams of Three - BJames Evans, Sheryl Gardner, Teena Haslam, Maureen Lubinsky
2017QBA Teams of Three - CTiffani Mair, Raelene Kell, Andrew Slater, Shelley McCready
2017Queensland Wide PairsNS: Bob Hunt - Jane Swanson
EW: Maurice Williams - Elio Vaccaro
2017QBA Senior PairsFred Whitaker - Martin Doran
2017Queensland Open PairsLyn Carter - Richard Wallis
2017Queensland Graded Pairs Championship AIvy Luck - John Luck
2017Queensland Graded Pairs Championship BAnne Barry - Jenny Hay
2017Queensland Graded Pairs Championship CAnnette Scott - Judy Hefferan
2017Queensland Open TeamsNeville Francis, Magnus Moren, Malcolm Carter, Tony Hutton
2017Queensland Butler PairsGheorghi Belonogov - Ewa Kowalczyk
2017Queensland Mens PairsMalcolm Carter - Tony Hutton
2017Queensland Womens PairsVal Holbrook - Bronwyn MacLeod
2017Queensland Graded Teams AMalcolm Carter, Tony Hutton, Charlie Lu, Chuan Qin
2017Queensland Graded Teams BKay Goodwin, Sharon Clifford, Ashok Chotai, Veena Chotai
2017Queensland Graded Teams CJennifer Finigan, Mary Simon, Kevin Hamilton-Reen, Patricia Thurlow
2017Queensland Mixed Pairs ChampionshipLyn Carter - Malcolm Carter
Queensland Youth Pairs
2011Queensland Butler Pairs - Restricted SectionBrenda Lazarus - Nanette Loxton
2010Queensland Graded Pairs Championship DAlan Boyce - Mary Ewing



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