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Gold Coast Congress Title Holders

2018Gold Coast Friday Novice PairsWendy Crombie - Julie Stockley
2018Gold Coast Ivy Dahler Butler Pairs - IntermediateDiane Nichols - Elizabeth Lawrence
2018Gold Coast Ivy Dahler Butler Pairs - OpenNS: Mike Doecke - Will Jenner-O'Shea
EW: Michael Courtney - Sue Ingham
2018Gold Coast Ivy Dahler Butler Pairs - RestrictedIngrid Cooke - Bill Bradshaw
2018Gold Coast Seres-McMahon Swiss PairsStephen Fischer - David Appleton
2018Gold Coast Thursday Rookie PairsNS: Yvonne Kergan - Maura Reilly
EW: Vesna Markovic - Voyko Markovic
2018Gold Coast Under 50 Masterpoint Pairs (Wed)Steve Colling - Mary Colling
2018Gold Coast Teams Championship - Intermediate Adrian Lohmann, Don Cameron, Jan Randall, Peter Randall
2018Gold Coast Teams Championship - Novice 1st= Anito Delorenzo, Liz Shonk, Elizabeth Voveris, Johanna Thomas
1st= Diana McAuliffe, Paul Barnett, Martin Coote, James Harvey
2018Gold Coast Teams Championship - OpenFrances Hinden, Graham Osborne, Renee Cooper, Kieran Dyke
2018Gold Coast Teams Championship - RestrictedHans Van Weeren, Peter Clarke, Jeff Conroy, Jill Blenkey
2018Gold Coast Teams Championship - SeniorsZolly Nagy, David Middleton, Neil Ewart, David Smith
2018Gold Coast Under 50 Masterpoint Pairs (Tue)NS: Kym Batt - Suzie Bucknell
EW: Keith Cohen - John Kelly
2018Gold Coast Monday Butler Swiss PairsRon Klinger - Matt Mullamphy
2018Gold Coast Monday Butler Swiss Pairs 500Eddie Mullin - Dianne Mullin
2018Gold Coast Sunday Rookie Pairs NS: Jenny Sanders - Keith Sanders
EW Daphne Leggo - Peter Leggo
2018Gold Coast Pairs Championship - Intermediate David Johnson - Mandy Johnson
2018Gold Coast Pairs Championship - NoviceAnita Delorenzo - Liz Shonk
2018Gold Coast Pairs Championship - OpenMatthew Brown - Johnno Newman
2018Gold Coast Pairs Championship - RestrictedBarry Whale - Jody Whale
2018Gold Coast Pairs Championship - SeniorsMargaret Bourke - Sue Lusk
2018Gold Coast Weekend Matchpoint Swiss Pairs - OpenJustin Mill - Liam Milne
2018Gold Coast Weekend Matchpoint Swiss Pairs 500Rod Binsted - Judy Scholfield
2016Gold Coast Friday TeamsMartin Bloom, Nigel Rosendorff, Steven Bock, Les Grewcock



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